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Here’s Why Colds Are So Common

Recurring and Extended Colds


Does it seem like everyone you know is getting colds that last longer and occur over and over – including yourself?  The common cold mechanism is triggered more frequently, more severely, lasts for longer periods of time, and leaves many chronically fatigued in the Western world. There is no scientific research for why this occurs, only conjecture and speculation.  


Why Is The Cold So Common?

The influx of colds coincide with the advent of adding more microorganisms to our food, as seen with flavoring and texturizing agents, such as yeast and maltodextrin.  This trend also coincides with the advent of genetically modified foods, which by their very nature have microorganisms actively doing what microorganisms do – grow.


Whether it’s organisms in the air, GMO foods or simply the microorganisms in the food, there seems to be more organisms in the system across the board that give rise to more cases of colds and influenza.   The objective may not be to take more vaccinations, but to look at ways to eliminate or minimize the intake of the organisms.

Protecting Yourself

How? Avoid foods containing yeast and maltodextrin.  Minimize eating foods made from or related to fungus, such as mushrooms, some cheeses and foods that have been stored too long.  You can use your nose as a guide – foods that have a rancid or fungal odor, or are offensive to our senses, should be suspect.  

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