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Untangling the Gluten Dilemma

…is deciding whether or noGluten Free traffic sign with a black silhouette of ears of wheat on a triangular sign with the text below denoting food which is safe for consumption by coeliacs or people with gluten intolerance.t to eat food containing gluten (what is gluten?) because, as the notion suggests, we were never meant to eat this type of food. In fact, according to the gluten-free proponents, gluten causes our digestive system and consequently our body to malfunction.

[trx_dropcaps style=”2″]H[/trx_dropcaps]owever, what if gluten in and of itself is not the culprit of dis-ease and malfunction? Gluten is a really good source of iron, folic acid, fiber and vital nutrients.

Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Functional Medicine Expert, Holistic Nutrition Therapist, SNHS, U.K., writes that:

A gluten-free diet can deprive you of serious minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Although, food label says that it is gluten-free, but it’s filled with fillers like additives, preservatives, and other forms of sneaky gluten.

Plus, gluten free foods are… [richer] …in heavy metals, and calories. 

…gluten-free foods lack important nutrients.
Excerpted from “Is Going Gluten-Free Healthy?!” http://www.naturalnewsblogs.com/going-gluten-free-healthy/

Here is a natural health and alternative view

When somebody chooses not to eat a certain category of foods based solely on symptoms, we believe they are USING A wrong APPROACH.

First, having symptoms is not the same as having a disease. Symptoms are communication from our very organized body system to our objective mind. They indicate to us when something is wrong. They guide us, and help us, when we allow them, to identify problems, assess severity, and tell us how quickly we need to act. In other words, sniffles don’t necessarily mean cold or influenza, and an achy lump is not the same as a malignant tumor. Symptoms are indicators of potential problems.

As a society, we have gotten into a vicious cycle of taking over-the-counter medications or therapeutic compounds to suppress pain or specific symptoms. We have gone so far as to avoid food or elements that provoke pain or symptom, even if they cure the cause of malady. Even more insane is thinking that it’s normal behavior to forego a curative that aggravates a symptom during the therapeutic phase to avoid having the symptom.

Remember when Momma used to say, “this may hurt a little,” and it does, but it also helps the boo boo to go away. Suppression of symptoms goes against nature’s intentions. It’s like hitting the snooze button on the body’s alarm clock. Eventually, we will have to address the reason the bell is chiming.

The Natural health view on gluten-free

By eliminating a ‘troublesome’ food, we believe WE are alleviating a burden on the immune system. Doing this will have a positive effect – but only for a short period of time.

So, let’s look at this from the natural healing perspective. As a rule, no one thing causes disease.

When somebody chooses not to eat a certain category of foods based solely on symptoms, we believe they are using a wrong approach. Foods containing gluten have been with us all our lives. Now, suddenly, we relate these foods to compromising our immune system or negatively impacting our health.

These short gap methods don’t bring us back to wholeness again. We find ourselves off on tangent after tangent, looking for the elusive rabbit. Perhaps, it would be more efficient and correct to rearrange the equation.

If we have an immune problem – indicated by fatigue, runny nose, chills, fever, or other indicators, not eating a certain food could seem effective because all foods are potentially impactful on our immune system.

By eliminating a “troublesome’ food, we believe we are alleviating a burden on the immune system. Doing this will have a positive effect – but only for a short period of time. Eliminating a food or food group is not a sound or proven method to address our immune system’s health or reactivity.

The immune system, or reticuloendothelial system, is ever developing and responsive, but it can become worn down and short circuited. It can even fail. If certain foods or nutrients are not present, failure is more imminent. If we are not well rested, well hydrated or well nourished, our immune system will surely cease normal function. Also, abstaining from a food group is not sustainable to the body at large.  While symptoms may be reduced, the disease is not corrected, and the body’s immune system is compromised on deeper and deeper levels.


A Better Approach to The Gluten-free Fad?

A better approach is to strengthen and bolster the immune system’s function by eliminating and avoiding non-foods that are abundant in the food system.

The problem with gluten-free America – over engineering.

Food stuffs that are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), genetically engineered and/or made using nano-technology are proven to wreak havoc on the immune system.

The problem with gluten-free America – is over engineering. The process used to genetically engineer food involves the injection of a fungal or viral agent into the host DNA. The introduced “modified” DNA strand manipulates or turns on Yellow paper with the words Danger gluten on buns.specific gene traits that are desired, or shuts off those that are unwanted.

This problem with gluten seems specific to the U.S. Breads and pastas made in Europe are not altered to the level done here. We recommend purchasing gluten products made in Europe or other countries where the wheat grain has not been adulterated.

In general, we should pay more attention to what we are eating, specifically how it is produced and where. Go ahead and eat pasta, cereals, breads and cakes. Unless you have celiac disease, gluten should be a part of your diet.  Our bodies need the rich source of iron, minerals and fibers. The fact is that food has changed and we need to change by being more informed. A good start is to eat a cleaner diet – including cruder and minimally processed foods.

Additionally, herbs can be taken to boost immune function. Following are several Herbal Solutions formulas that address and improve both immune function and reduce micro-organism overload:

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