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GMO Damage Can Be More Serious Than You Think: Here’s the Science Behind Illness

Now we know or have strong reasons to believe that eating genetically modified foods could impact our health, whether it be malignancy, infertility or even behavioral changes. Scientists have well-documented damage done to digestive organs from eating these foods – especially in laboratory and livestock animals.  A connection can, and should, be drawn between eating these foods and the 2015 school closures across the nation. The prevailing data shows that students were sickened by what they ate. Their symptoms were upper respiratory problems, flu-like colds, producing infectious green mucous and making many people sick for days.

This phenomenon is happening everywhere it seems.  Many are getting ill from what they are eating. The symptoms often show up as a cold with thick mucous that becomes chronic.  The Centers for Disease Control responded in early spring 2015 that this was just indicative of another flu season. Just like in any other flu season, companies that produce medicines advertised that we need to go get flu shots. We also needed vaccinations for other types of simple or rare diseases like Whooping Cough and Group B Meningitis  that have become an epidemic.

Is there perhaps another elephant in the room that needs to be called out? It could be possible that the virus is not a virus, but a fungus. A fungus that enters our bodies in our cereals and bread, and the corn chips we snack on. A fungus modified and genetically spliced into our wheat, corn and other commodities. This fungus doesn’t have to be in our food supply, but we let others put it there. We are told that it makes plants environmentally hardy, more resistant to disease, less appealing to insects and organisms that could destroy crops, and virile enough to produce better crop yields. All of this may be so and we accept it as truth in principle.

However, we know that genetically modified food contains a new agent, fusarium – a fungal pathogen.  The addition of this fungus might be… just maybe… adding insult and injury to an already grievous state of human health to eat GMO food. Adding elements to the genetic structure of our food should give us cause to pause and rethink our food choices and medicating practices.

Our goal at Natural Health as always is to focus on the root cause of illness. Perhaps, the root cause of the events presented above lay in what we consume, as much as from other ways that organisms invade our bodies. The GMO gargoyle needs to be seen as it lies perched in the darkness and hiding behind FDA regulations that don’t require it to show its ugly side. What is there to protect? Why are we not allowed to see what we put into our bodies? If there are no harmful elements, lets us see what is there.

Read More To find out more about the controversy of impact of GMO on human health we have provided a few links. Here are “10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health” featured in Collective Evolution online magazine. Another interesting link is from, “How Do Genetically Modified Foods Affect Your Health.” Also, to be balanced we have added an article from International Business Times, “GMO Health Risks: What the Scientific Evidence Says.” This article debunks some of the studies mentioned above in the scientific studies, and calls for disclosure, sort of, for health reasons. Finally, we include a link to the World Health Organization’s FAQ on genetically modified foods.


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