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3 Natural Cures for Stomach Pain

An increasingly common complaint is digestive distress and/or stomach pain after eating.  We certainly see these symptoms featured more in commercials for over-the-counter and prescription medications. Some recent research indicates that the eating of genetically modified foods is causing gut inflammation and digestive allergic responses. Whatever the cause, more of us are being affected by the stomach and intestinal pain and discomfort.

Remedies are available from the natural kingdoms that relieve symptoms and correct the digestive imbalances without producing unwanted side effects or new conditions of poor health.  Like nature’s 3 kingdoms, relief can be found from [mineral, herbal and animal sources]:

Minerals Salt and Baking Soda

Swallowing a pinch of fully mineralized salt (let it first dissolve on the tongue) can be of immediate help to inhibit the growth of any organism ingested that might be harmful to your digestion and health.

Mixing 2 teaspoons of baking soda with approximately 2/3 of a glass of water and drinking it will relieve indigestion, heartburn and other distress by producing burping and the release of blocked intestinal gas.

Herbs,  Mint, Shepherd’s Purse, Purselane,  Strawberry Leaves

Use these herbs individually or in combination as a tea or encapsulated to bring quick relief to gut distress.

Animal-based supplements, Flora, Pepsin and Organ meats

Micro-organisms in the intestines perform the bulk of the digestive function.  Flora is necessary to maintain a healthy balance of these organisms – Bifidus, and acidophilus specifically.  Best taken in a powdered form that can be refrigerated so that vitality is maintained, flora should be taken on an empty stomach so that it is not digested and killed by stomach acid that is produced when eating a normal meal.

A digestive ingredient that we commonly lose in our body chemistry around the third decade of life is Pepsin.  It is essential for the onset of protein digestion and can be purchased as a supplement to quickly correct upper G.I. tract dysfunction. Pepsin increases digestive efficiency, especially when eating heavier protein meals by initiating the break down of protein in the stomach.

Many cultures are to eat digestive organs of other animals that are structurally similar to humans to provide nutritional building blocks for our own organs.  Sweetbreads, tripe, and chitterlings are especially good when experiencing low glandular function, stomach and intestinal distress, respectively.

Last, and certainly not least, is water. Water is fundamental to good organ function. It is the primary lubricant and greatest bulking agent in the gut.

Water keeps mucous membranes healthy, preventing cracks through which microorganisms can leak into the blood stream.  It is critical for the end of the digestive process, elimination, in which water keeps matter soft and moving.  Water balance and some nutrients occur primarily in the colon.

Additionally, several Herbal Solutions formulas are recommended that are very dynamic in addressing and improving stomach pain gut function:

U.G. I. Tract Rehab 

Digestive Tract Rehab

Digestive Gut Rehabilitation including Colon

Herbal Support for GMO Exposure

Ulcers and Spastic Stomach

Colon Health

Appetite Suppressant

General Candida

Extensive Candida  

For tumors of the gut, try Metabolic Cleanser.                          

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