Spring Cleaning for Your Gut: A Guide to Spring Detoxing

It’s such a beautiful time of year. The grass is growing, the birds are singing. The temperatures are rising, the days are longer. Spring is one of the temperate seasons of the year, the transition from winter to summer, a time of re-growth, rebirth, renewal…and cleansing! Spring is a time of new ideas and a time of change. Spring is the most rejuvenating and life-giving season of the year!

So it makes sense that springtime is also the perfect time to rejuvenate our bodies and our minds. It’s time to cleanse and detoxify and get rid of all the negative buildup that has occurred over the winter months. Winter is the most difficult time in all of nature.  Animals have natural coping mechanisms, such as increased fur and body fat, and hibernation.  As humans, we are more highly developed and have to learn to adapt to nature’s conditions. As things in nature slow down, we naturally have the tendency to slow down as well.

As spring rolls around, old health conditions tend to be brought to resolution.  This can mean that those symptoms may be exacerbated easily. We may see evidence of breaking out more with skin rashes, blemishes, acne and boils – our body’s natural way of cleansing the system. However, we may see other signs of the bodies need to cleanse such as, the eyes may look unclear, the breath may be foul, or one of the most prominent signs, smelly feet

While we are on the subject of cleansing the body, we must understand that a healthy mind cannot live in a chaotic body. Often, according to science, depression and anxiety is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. When your brain doesn’t receive enough glucose it can cause this chemical imbalance. Using artificial sweeteners is a sure fire way to cause this imbalance, as the brain is unable to process these sweeteners. As a result these sweeteners build up in neurological tissues; many medications can build up in these tissues as well. These buildups can impede the brain from functioning correctly. Therefore, by naturally cleansing our system we help our bodies get rid of this burden.  As we detoxify the physical body it allows for clearer functioning of the brain.

It’s important to remember that cleansing impacts the whole body, there are world-wide studies that rank cleansing high on the list for improving our general state of health and overall well-being!

At Herbal Solutions we have several formulas to assist our bodies and our minds with cleansing. Some of my favorites are:  General Blood and Liver Cleanser – Moderate, which is a metabolic cleanser  that allows the liver to normalize, enhancing its naturally detoxifying functions; and Extensive Candida Cleanse, which rids the body of large amounts of yeast and other organisms to help take a burden off of the system. According to medical data and science research, yeast is one of the biggest causes of diseases. As a matter of fact, 80% of system failures and diseases can be attributed to an over abundance of yeast, such as anxiety and depression and polyglandular failures.  Keeping yeast levels in check is KEY to maintain good health!

If you want to discuss which formula is best for you or just have general questions on cleansing, feel free to leave a comment below.

In the meantime, enjoy life, take time to be with nature and let go of the past. Take time to notice what’s blooming all around you and nurture what’s inside of you!

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