No Gland Left Behind: Transitioning into Spring and Taking it Easy on Your Thyroid

As we continue our course through spring, we should be mindful of the ongoing necessity to assist our bodies through change. As the seasons change, so does nature and our bodies. We should pay attention to how changes impart upon the body physiologically. In particular our glands, namely the Thyroid, need extra support to create a smooth transition into different climates and environments.

Traditionally, during the Equinox, indigenous and European cultures have had long standing regimens of fasting and consuming glandular items, from animals, such as calves, pigs and sheep. The basic premise of using glandular tissues as nutritional therapy is, “like heals like”, so, ingesting glandular organs, i.e., sweetbreads and “variety meats”, help to support the glands in our bodies.  The glandular system is one of the most important if not the most complicated systems in the body. These glands secrete hormones throughout the body to help the body perform at peak efficiency while adapting to change. They regulate our energy, blood sugar, weight, reproductive system, metabolism, digestion, growth, and much more.  In fact, science has long recognized the need for glandular support. In the 1940’s, a study was conducted to test this theory, glandular items were radioactively tagged before being consumed, and low and behold, the radioactive particles appeared in the glandular organs.

In taking a cue from traditional practices, it is important to consume glandular items and at the very least, ingest glandular supplements to provide the glandular (endocrine) system with the support that it needs. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to support the endocrine system: Prolamine Iodine Supplements, which are 99% Iodine (be aware that elemental iodine is toxic so it is important that before taking any products containing iodine, please talk with your health care professional.); Glandular Supplements that are derived from the animal kingdom; and Kelp and Alfalfa which are also good choices. At Herbal Solutions we also have formulas to help support the glandular system: Thyroid Plus, which is most beneficial if you have a known condition or are experiencing symptoms directly related to a Thyroid condition such as, waking, difficulty with lifting the head off the pillow, dryness and cracking of the heels, or scalloped edges on the tongue; Nutrients for the Endocrine System, which can be beneficial if you have skin outbreaks or low libido.

As always, if you have questions on the best regimen for you, please give us a call or feel free to comment below!

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