8 Natural Herbal Home Remedies and Tips for Beating Colds and Flu

We are in a flu epidemic, and we are looking for remedies. Our friends have been or are currently feeling miserable this winter. Many of us are getting this nasty condition more than once – and we haven’t seen the worst of this yet. Nearly every day we are hearing reports in the news media and from the Centers for Disease Control that a flu epidemic has arrived early and has yet to hit its peak. Hospital emergency rooms are swamped with people. The advice being given by the medical community is to get a flu vaccination and stay home the minute you experience the symptoms.

But what we don’t hear in the media is an understanding of just WHAT is the flu or colds. From the natural healthcare perspective, flu and colds are external expressions of fundamental imbalances in the body. The body’s microorganisms (flora and fauna) are out of balance, meaning there are too many myco (fungal) organisms and too few beneficial bacteria, like probiotics. The body goes into a healing crisis to correct this imbalance by taking corrective measures, such as entrapping organisms by secreting large amounts of mucous. Body aches and chills are signs of this congestion.

You can assist your body’s natural efforts to regain balance and shorten the time you will be miserable with the following tips:

Remedies and Tips for Beating Colds and Flu

Add ½ teaspoon each of baking soda and salt into a glass of warm water and use as a gargle. Place a ¼ teaspoon each of baking soda and salt in water into a neti pot to clear the sinuses. Salt naturally helps to lower bacteria and fungus. If used at the first signs of congestion, further misery can be avoided.

Add baking soda and salt of any kind (1/2 cup) to a hot bath. This produces perspiration, which also eliminates toxins.

• Much of a cold’s symptoms of discomfort are due to dehydration. Drinking one to two liters of water within one hour helps to make all of the body’s fluids more dilute and more efficiently eliminated.

Place a pinch of fully-mineralized salt in each glass of water you drink throughout the day. This allows you to re-salinate your body and inhibit the growth of organisms. Blood salinity, which is regulated by the pituitary gland, should be the same salinity as sea water. You can ingest up to two teaspoons of fully mineralized salt if you spread it out in glasses of water throughout the day. Taking the salt all at one time will produce diarrhea.

Drink 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 1/3 glass of water to help cleanse and rebalance.

Get lots of rest, especially if the cold has moved into the bronchioles or lungs.

Keep the air humidified to avoid cracked membranes in the nasal passages which allow organisms to get into the system. Use a humidifier or place a wet towel on a hanger or boil a pot of water.

Dress warmly, especially around the head, feet and neck. Keep these areas warm to avoid putting additional stress on the thyroid gland, which is already overwhelmed by the condition.

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