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A Complete Guide to Probiotics

Our probiotic obsession has produced a $20 billion plus market.  It has become a market commodity fostering strong competition, cost-cutting manufacturing techniques – and for the consumer, much misconception.

Probiotic simply means to promote life. Probiotics have been with us throughout human history as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and in general, fermented foods.  In all cultures, fermented foods have
been an essential part of the diet.

Findings prove that non-human cells outnumber human cells in the body, on average of 10 or 12 to 1

The soil is consumed as a dietary supplement in many areas of the world because many soils contain organisms that colonize in the human gut. They provide our system with much-needed Lacto bacteria, a bacterial aid for normal digestive function.  When Lacto bacteria is absent, disease conditions and discomfort occur in the gut.

Lacto bacteria is integral to maintaining proper pH necessary to digest foodstuffs, and efficiently extract minerals and vitamins from the food eaten. We can’t have a healthy existence – and possibly any existence – without them.

Since the publishing of the Human Microbiome Project study, much has been learned about the human microflora.  Findings prove that non-human cells outnumber human cells in the body, on average of 10 or 12 to 1. The project’s findings estimate that 100 trillion organisms reside in the body. This relationship between microorganisms and hosts exist throughout the animal kingdom.

Image of traditional Korean Kimchi in a white bowlMost Common Probiotics

Among organisms that live in the gut are two strains of Lactobacteria: Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Bifidus.  These organisms compete with yeast and other fungal organisms in our bodies for nutrients. An overabundance of yeast and fungi in the gut can lead to disease.  Yeast and fungus are heartier than bacteria.  By keeping levels of Lactobacillus bacteria sufficient and healthy, they help limit the growth of yeast and fungal organisms.

8 Hot Probiotic Use Tips

Given the necessity and importance of probiotics, the following are a few tips on using both packaged probiotics and natural probiotics to help ensure proper colonization of the gut:

  1. It’s best to packaged probiotics on an empty stomach so they won’t be digested by gastric juices. By taking only the probiotic with some water less stomach acid is triggered and produced.
  2. Don’t be squeamish about eating dirt or dirt based organisms.  Dirt is still a good source of organisms that colonize the gut.
  3. With naturally occurring probiotics – such as fermented foods, it’s best to eat them weekly or a couple times a week depending on the need. If gut trouble persists, we recommend seeking professional advice.
  4. If you’re using both sources of probiotics, eat the naturally occurring probiotic bi-weekly and supplement periodically with packaged products.
  5. Vinegar and pickle juice are good sources to promote bacterial health. Vinegar is a popular digestive aid. A tablespoon can be taken daily around meal times. It can also be taken in cases of flatulence or acid reflux and feelings of gassiness.
  6. When purchasing packaged products, make sure that both acidophilus and Bifida are included in the proper ratio. The quantity of Bifida should out number acidophilus two to one.
  7. Take Lactobacillus acidophilus if you’re experiencing upper G.I. tract gas and belching. Take Lactobacillus Bifida If you are experiencing lower G.I. tract gas or flatulence.
  8. Consumption of certain drugs, especially antibiotics, alcohol, extremely salty foods, and foods high in acidity or low in pH, can negatively affect our microflora.  If you get diarrhea or other stomach upsets after eating or taking medications, you would be wise to take a probiotic.

Prebiotics: Now everybody’s talking about this!Pickling gherkins with spices and vinegar in vintage jars

Finally, there’s much buzz about prebiotics.  Prebiotics are substances that promote the life and health of probiotic organisms. They are simply food for probiotics.  Prebiotics include soluble fibers such as inulin and oligiopolysacharrides.

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We don’t recommend taking patented or engineered probiotics, such as products using the infantis, 35624 strain. We agree with the article and recommend the Align brand probiotic strain. Such organisms don’t live in the gut and can limit the diversity of microflora in the gut.


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