Non-GMO Space

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When we started this section it was new and controversial to talk about GMO. Today, even the major cereal companies are touting non-GMO as a feature of their products.

Though it’s become common place, we feel there is still a need to keep this space going. So keep coming back for the latest developments in the Non-GMO fight.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Any plant or animal whose DNA has been unnaturally altered is considered to be a GMO.


Most of us may be somewhat familiar with GMO, the acronym for genetically modified foods – you know the stuff with all the controversy around it and contradictory points of view.  Some don’t mind…

GMO's Added Risks

Since the mid-nineteenth century, the food industry in America has relentlessly altered the food chain to be more productive, efficient and profitable.  It could be called the Age of Enrichment, but it didn’t stop there.

Non-GMO Certified Seal

Articles on GMO's

The GMO Gargoyle

Gargoyle Image

GMO is yet another gargoyle to avoid at all costs.  Scientists have well-documented damage done to digestive organs from eating these foods – especially in laboratory and livestock animals.

Non-GMO Verified Food

Non-GMO Image

How do we find non-GMO verified food? We have a fundamental right to know if the food we eat is genetically modified with added with biological organisms, pure and simple. Food manufacturers…