Non GMO Concept with Man Looking Closely to Verify

How to Find Non-GMO Verified Food

Non-GMO Verified Food: How to Find it!


Non GMO Concept with Man Looking Closely to VerifyHow do we find non-GMO verified food?
We have a fundamental right to know if the food we eat is genetically modified with added with biological organisms, pure and simple. Food manufacturers and companies that create GMO products just don’t agree. They have convinced the FDA and other food monitoring agencies that their products are safe for human consumption. Even if they did inform us that our nutrition is altered genetically, we’d still have deal with cross contamination from our meat possibly being tainted with modified feed. Not only do we not know what our food is made of, we haven’t a clue about the food chain in general. People who fight for labeling GMO products argue that we need to be able to trace the source of our food.


So how do we avoid eating GMO without it being clearly labeled? Other than growing our Plate of foodown food from seeds that are not GMO or raising our own farm animals, we cannot be absolutely certain. However, there are organizations like the Non-GMO Project, The Organic and Non-GMO Report and the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) that are creating Non-GMO product verification, grassroots reporting standards and great sources of information for consumers, producers, scientists, and governments. The Non-GMO Project, the Institute for Responsible Technology and Genetic ID further offer services for producers to test their product to be verified Non-GMO. Finally, the Non-GMO Project certifies test organizations to become testing outfits. These groups are all great sources if you are a consumer or a producer.


Principally their goal is to offer consumers an informed choice. The problem was what should be the standard for non-GMO and a verification process to assure consumers that their food is free of modification. Below, we brief you on these standards organizations and online resources to give you a choice regarding GMO. Included are links to websites, articles, videos and audio content.


Non-GMO Certified Seal

Look for the Label

For Companies, Producers, and organizations

In 2005, The Natural Grocery Company and the Big Carrot Natural Food Market together formed the Non-GMO Project to create a standard. However, missing was a rigorous scientific foundation for testing a standard and certification of producers who adhere to it. The Non-GMO Project formed a partnership with the Genetic ID Group to provide technical oversight and training criteria for companies (producers and their products) to be non-GMO verified, or commercial standards testing organization.


For Consumers

The Non-GMO Shopping Guide from the Institute for Responsible Technology is an amazing guide. They offer a picture driven page that lets you pick a category of foods from chocolate to frozen meals like pizza, baby food, condiments, and even beer and wine. Click on the category you want to investigate and the website gives you a list of producers. The list tells you if they offer non-GMO products with the Non-GMO seal next to the non-GMO product name. They thought of just about everything, well there is always room for improvement. Anyway, you may also download the guide to keep it handy or buy the pocket shopping guy for when you are out making your weekly grocery run. Furthermore, check out this one minute video of 4 Simple Tips to Avoid GMO’s from IRT.

Top 10 GMO Foods to avoid 

(courtesy of Dr. Edward F. Group and Anthony Gucciardi ( see link to video below)
  1. Corn
  2. Sugars
  3. Soy and Soy Products (If it doesn’t say organic soy, avoid it. Also be suspicious of anything that contains soy lecithin, ie., most American chocolate products. Again, it must say organic soy lecithin to be safe)
  4. Artificial Sweeteners (Stevia is a plant based sweetener that is natural)
  5. Papaya
  6. Canola Oil
  7. Cotton Seed Oil
  8. Dairy products (non-organic)
  9. Zucchini
  10. Yellow Squash

Read More Top 10 GMO Foods to Avoid – Dr. Edward F. Group and Anthony Guciarrdi ( 

Non-GMO Report article ‘Michael Funk: “Time has come ” for The Non-GMO Project’

10 Reasons to Avoid GMO’s from Institute for Responsible Technology

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