How Having a Cold Can Save Your Life: Anatomy of a Cold

Viruses don’t migrate to wherever we are and infect us. Scientific findings support that organisms, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, accumulate in our bodies from our food and simply breathing.  Once the levels of organisms reach toxicity, depending on our individual  immune system, the immune system responds to deal with the invasion.  

No greater mystery in the human experience exists than the cause of the common cold or influenza.  We’ve been taught to call congestion in our upper respiratory system a cold, whether it is or not  The symptoms that make up a “cold” are the body trying to fight off organisms that we have ingested and that camp out in our upper respiratory tract where they multiply.   

The human body has limited resources to mount efficient attacks against the invaders.  With a cold, the primary defenders are the mucous membranes which produce mucous as our first line of defense.  The mucous membranes’ primary function is to soak up the little buggers  and transport our chemical soldiers known as secretory antibodies. These antibodies react dramatically to kick invasive organisms butt to defeat their over-accumulation in the body.

There are also internal mechanisms that participate in the fight. Temperature fluctuations, such as fevers and chills; an increase in urination and bowel elimination; and perspiration are caused by other internal organs and glands involved in re-establishing balance in the system.

After the organisms are brought under control, the mucous and other micro-organic bodies are eliminated through coughing and spitting up mucous from the lungs, chest and throat.  When the organisms are within acceptable levels, we go back to normal.   

Non-human cells can outnumber human cells 10 to 1. It is crucial that our immune system corrects the invasion or overgrowth of organisms.  

We shouldn’t look at a cold or flu as life threatening, but the body responding as it should to help clean up our microorganism load.  Since it’s doing its job we don’t want to suppress it, but rather understand what is going on. We can help it on its way with a course of herbs and natural remedies that facilitate the process and minimize the displeasure of natural healing.

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