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This health appraisal is a standardized questionnaire that will guide you in matching conditions you may be experiencing. The results produced at the end of the appraisal are a natural health understanding and will suggest Herbal Solutions formulas that will assist you in improving the condition(s).

How does the appraisal work?

Each set of questions address a specific body system and conditions of health or dysfunction. Tell us the degree to which you are experiencing a condition from by 0 (no symptoms), 1 (mild or infrequent occurrences), 2 (moderate occurrences) or 3 (frequent or severe occurrences).

What results do you expect?

Once you have completed all or part of the questionnaire, select GET RESULTS. Your answers will be tallied and the body systems that underperform will be identified. The “results” will also tell which specific Herbal Solutions formulas are recommended that will help you address and improve the condition(s).

What happens when you start taking the recommended herbs?

Generally speaking, it should take about ten percent of the time you’ve had a condition in order to reverse it naturally. During this process it is normal to repeat symptoms you have experienced in the past which are related to your illness. These symptoms are usually less severe than they were originally, and appear for only a short time. In effect they are being revisited briefly so that your system can resolve the issue.

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Answer a few questions about your symptoms, press the Get Results button and discover the root causes of your ailments.