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What is Naprapathy?

The Science of Naprapathy, established in 1905, is a natural therapy that teaches that the human body is self-healing, self-cleansing, self-regulatory and self-regenerative. Webster’s Dictionary defines “naprapathy” as a system of treatment by manipulation of connective tissue and adjoining structures (ligaments, joints, muscles) and by dietary measures that is held to facilitate the recuperative and regenerative processes of the body. Dr. Ridley, a natural doctor and herbalist, uses these principles in practice on every case.

What is manipulation?

Naprapaths are soft tissue specialists. We use manipulation of the connective tissues in the spine and various joints of the body to correct structural problems, improve circulation and generally promote a healthy state of being. Manipulation has itself been utilized in health care since antiquity. Specific manipulative equipment has been discovered and documented from as far back as 5000 B.C. in ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphs show that manipulation of the skeletal system was performed by the elite priesthood, including spinal manipulation. The ancient Greeks and Romans also valued this art. In fact, in every known culture manipulation has been or is still in use today, thus the art is based on centuries of human experience. More recently, manipulation has been validated by modern technology: M.R.I. studies undertaken by the National College of Chiropractic shows that manipulation increases the number of immune cells in blood serum, thereby aiding short to mid-term immunity. It also positively affects the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as the lymphatic, pulmonary and circulatory systems, not to mention the obvious benefit of correcting structural dysfunction which often causes pain and exacerbates other health problems.

What are the benefits of manipulation? How does it work?

The benefits of manipulation are numerous. Studies by the National College of Chiropractic revealed a marked increase in immune system components in the blood stream after manipulation. It enhances nerve conduction and nerve energy. Doppler ultrasound studies show improvement in circulatory dynamics.

How does Naprapathy differ from Chiropractic care?

The very philosophy is different. Naprapaths believe that ligament contracture gives rise to nerve irritation, causing secondary dysfunction in a remote site, such as an organ or muscle. Whereas, chiropractic’s initial hypothesis was that a bone out of position, known as subluxation, gave rise to nerve irritation, although that hypothesis has evolved and change through time. Additionally, the basic manipulative technique between the two sciences differs. For example naprapaths do not make adjustments, they give a naprapathic treatment. Naprapaths do not necessarily use x-rays as a basis to render a treatment. Treatment is based upon precise findings taken manually at each vertebond to assess the nature of the ligamentous contracture and then give gentle, yet firm treatment to reduce the contracture found. This method is utilized throughout the entire spine, as well as all other joints of the body. Additionally Naprapathy has always incorporated nutrition as a second modality of treatment. Generally speaking, chiropractic does not.

How does natural health care help you?

Natural health is a state of health wherein the body is self-healing, self-cleansing, self-regenerative, and self-regulatory. This means that without the aid of medication or other external factors, your body will be able to maintain its own state of health, fighting off viruses and infection more efficiently as well as being more vital and energetic. When this state is achieved, the body is in a natural state of being – what we might call normal.

Natural health care assists in normalizing your bodily functions, such as the circulatory and nervous systems. Both of these systems help reduce the effects of trauma and improve the healing process.  Natural healthcare is easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle and regimen without a great demand on your time or finances.

What scientific principles are natural health care based on?

Science is the elucidation of phenomena found in nature. The same physiological principles are used in all healthcare professions and are based on the pure science of physiology.

Numerous studies performed by various institutions such as Harvard University and scientific associations such as the “Journal of the American Medical Association” and “The Lancet” support natural health care methods.  The World Health Organization has data on the effectiveness of natural health care methods. Countless studies have been done by academic institutions around the world and are available via the Internet.

Why would these methods not be used by mainstream medicine?

Mainstream medicine is known as allopathic treatment. This method seeks to produce effects other than those exhibited – in other words, symptomatic treatment. On the other hand natural healthcare seeks to resolve the problem at its source.

How are emergencies handled?

Emergencies are best handled by allopathic physicians or emergency rooms because they are better equipped to handle life-threatening situations. Natural health is best at addressing chronic or more nebulous-seeming complaints.

How do one’s beliefs effect the success rate? Do you have to believe in natural health in order for it to work?

No, however action begins in the mind in all of life’s endeavors.

How would you treat a sprain?

By first re-tracing how it occurred and then through manipulation reducing contracture of the tissue involved, addressing related structures and improving fluid drainage from the area, thereby shortening the healing time.

How do herbal formulas work?

The fact that herbs have been and continue to be used to treat illness is grounded in evolution.  As humanity has evolved, elements from the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms are incorporated into our physiology, meaning that there are chemical compatibilities between our operating structures and plants.  When applied or ingested, herbs assist the healing process by delivering vital chemicals to physiologically change the condition to one that is more in harmony with normal health.

Herbal formulas, whether you buy Herbal Solutions or herbs from your local heath food store, are not meant to treat disease but are formulated to assist you and your treating physician in helping you to get well. They simply provide necessary nutrients and support for your body’s healing mechanisms from natural compounds found within the plant kingdom.

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