Chakra energy

A Simple Guide to Energy Healing

Our bodies’ healing and maintenance of health or disease is a function of energy.

EVERYTHING is an expression of energy and based on fundamental Universal Laws. We see energy expressed everywhere – in gas, liquid and solid forms. Energy is also present in an unrealized form, undetected by our sensory organs. It’s this spectrum of energy that gives rise to the physical universe. Scientifically, all matter on earth and throughout the universe, is composed of the same fundamental elements. All matter is energy.

This means that everything we see, touch, smell – from wood, to metal, to glass, to the human being and that which we don’t see is energy. This energy is expressed as varying vibratory frequencies and often measurable. For instance, middle C is vibrating at a frequency of 250 hz per second all the time. Even people vibrate at different frequencies.
The spectrum of energy used in the healing phenomena is at a far greater rate than those normally perceived. When these high frequency emanations enter the human system there is an intelligence that transduces these frequencies into utilizable forms – for regulation of bodily functions, for regeneration of tissue, and for the basic functions of life. We call this energy “spirit”. Everyone has this; there are no exceptions. In the human system this energy is converted into tissues, normal everyday function, and higher thoughts and aspirations. Regulating and mediating this energy in humans is our autonomic nervous system. This is what keeps us alive when we are asleep or unconscious. It is a part of the subconscious mind.

The functions and intensity of this energy can be manipulated by the average human being – and has been done throughout human history, though not often conveyed to the public at large. These forces are not supernatural. They are well known within the scientific boundaries and can be demonstrated repeatedly. Some individuals possess an ability to garner more of this energy from the universal flow and are called “healers,” however, every individual has the ability to be a healer, simply by being a conveyor of this energy and understanding basic laws.

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