8 Ways to Use Salt to Boost Your Immune System

We are more susceptible to colds and flu during the winter months.

Colder weather and lower temperatures place an additional stress on our body’s ability to function normally. We also spend more time indoors, where fungal and bacterial microorganisms can more easily invade and impact us. Salt and baking soda helps ward off colds, flu, infections, and achieving better health.

Fully Mineralized Salt can kill or inhibit the growth of organisms. The human body is .9% salt. It is in our bodily fluids: tears, mucous, blood, urine, and perspiration. Being salty is necessary to clean up unwanted elements in the fluids’ chemistry – such as microorganisms, pesticides, hormones, chlorine, etc. Salt works quite naturally with our chemistry and physiology.

Salt is the basis of our electrolyte system and is necessary for the body to conduct its electrical currents. Without salt, we face serious consequences – deficient immune function, fainting, dehydration, nausea or indigestion, constipation or even death. We recommend the following tips for using fully mineralized salt that will assist and naturally boost immune system this winter:

Be Salty!

  • Sprinkle it on your food and in your cooking.
  • Drink small amounts of salt (a pinch to a ¼ teaspoon) in a glass of water.
  • Place salt in a neti pot to wash out the nasal passages. This reduces the number of organisms entering through these passages that your immune system will have to address.
  • Make a solution of 20 % salt and 80 % water and place it in a spray bottle. Spray into the nasal passages and mouth to inhibit the growth of organisms that purportedly cause influenza.
  • Baking Soda is an alkaline and another form of salt. Rather than inhibit the growth of organisms, baking soda causes yeast-like organisms to explode, further assisting immune function. We recommend the following tips for using baking soda:
  • Add 1/3 cup to the bath and rub on the face and skin to get rid of organisms while bathing. Yeast and fungal organisms continually migrate back and forth from the interior of the body to the skin. This will any alleviate any itching symptoms.
  • Use as an exfoliant for the entire body.
  • Apply it like a talcum to the pubic area and perineum and avoid the vaginal vault to reduce fungal organisms transmitted during sex. The outer layer of skin covered with baking soda will peel off, leaving the area free of  itching, yeast, and fungus. This technique is recommended for proper hygiene for both males and females. It is a treatment for females experiencing sensitivity during and after the sex act.


Further information on the health benefits of drinking baking soda may be found on

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