Disease rates are rising rapidly in America.

The Real Relationship Between Food and Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, American society has seen a drastic increase in disease rates over the past 20 years.  The increase is generally seen in digestive health, but conditions like headaches, food allergies, skin lesions and juvenile cancer are also on the rise. I wonder if this is related to our food? Recently I’ve seen some studies linking our health to processed foods and GMOs. Was it a mistake to trust the companies who claim (with the FDA) that these foods are good for human consumption?

There has to be cause and effect related to this increase in disease.  The only connection that makes sense is our food.  While other countries face similar environmental challenges – like pollution, disease rates in the rest of the world are more normal while ours have been on the rise. The exceptions are in countries that have diets and processed foods similar to America’s like Australia, Mexico, India and South Africa.  In these countries, the disease rate also shows elevation – in both humans and animals.


Pets Getting Same Diseases as Humans

We know there’s a problem when our pets get the same diseases that we do. In fact now there is a big push to clean up the pet food industry. These same non-food items that make our pets sick make us sick.  Who’s cleaning up human food?  Often without realizing it and often because we believe these are safe foods, we consume non-foods and they can end up hurting us.


Disease Diagnoses Often Overlook Cause

When it comes to diagnosing disease, descriptive terms are used pretty often.  No one seems to think these diseases are related to something else, even though we all know that there is cause and effect.  The cause of the disease is listed as unremarkable, undocumented and unknown.  Sometimes it seems the experts would prefer to treat the symptoms of the disease rather than the cause. Instead actuary tables are constantly being created showing life time medication use for described conditions.  Is this medicine or economics? If we got rid of what’s making us sick we wouldn’t want to buy medicine anymore. Today symptom therapy is used in all of healthcare in the western world.


Natural Health Methods Seek Out Cause

When I look into other types of treatment like homeopathy, herbology and other natural methods they are full of knowledge and information that may help us actually fix what’s wrong with our bodies. In these fields I also see a lot more interest in what’s causing disease. It’s obvious we need a change and these other disciplines might be our only other sources for help and assistance.

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