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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Detox

We are constantly bombarded with detox suggestions and products.  Rarely are we told why or when to do a detoxing cleanse. The typical idea of a detox is gut wrenching and painful. While there are many forms of detox, one including sweating to release toxins, detox is an integral method in the cycle of health and healing.

 Seasonal Detoxing

Traditionally, cleansing is a seasonal activity.  Various cultures make specific changes in their diet to facilitate detoxification at the change of seasons.  Some use purgative herbs, in others, they boil herbs into a liquid,  some fast for a period of time, and others sweat in steamy environments to unclog pores of internal toxicity.  Regardless of the methods, they all aim to achieve the same results: reduce the amounts of toxic elements in the body. Detoxing seasonally also keeps us regular,it is nature's rhythm method. We are reminded at each seasonal transition to take a few days to get our bodies pure again so that they function correctly.


If I don’t feel sick, is detoxing necessary?


If you have never detoxed, or it's been a long period of time since your last one, consider detoxing soon. Our water and food systems presents toxins to our system that accumulate over time.

In the western world, we use municipal water filtration systems to improve water quality. The problem is that it removes important mineral content that helps our body absorb water.  Adequate water intake and supply is critical to the functioning of our circulatory, digestive, elimination and nervous systems. The chemicals used to remove harmful bacterium, and other substances from our water, in small quantities are not detrimental to our health. However, they can build up in our bodies themselves enough to be dangerous.

The Body Needs Help Detoxing

A normal body's reaction to toxins is to cleanse and eliminate them.  We experience this defense mechanism as sweating, diarrhea, headaches, sinus and nasal congestion, and urinating.  When the intake of toxins is greater than our biological ability to eliminate them, disease results.   Imagine not changing the oil in your car after so many miles! The build-up would disgust you and break those systems down so they cease to function. Detoxification reduces the overly toxic elements which have accumulated in the blood, organs, sinuses,  grooves, and other hidden areas in the system.

Signs That It Is Time to Detox 

Dark circles under the eyes

Getting ill every change of season

Mottled skin

Murky eyes

Change in body odor

Smelly feet

Fluctuating weight


If these signs resonate with you, or if you’re simply ready to begin cleansing your body, mind, and soul, consider one of our detox packages!

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