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How to Use Herbs As a More Affordable and Natural Way to Treat Depression

Today, people find themselves under higher levels of pressure due to various emotional and mental stresses. These stresses can cause symptoms of neurologic dysfunction, such as: depression; anxiety; sleeplessness; and lack of focus. These symptoms are all related to a brain chemical imbalance, and more often prescribing psychotropic drugs is the first choice of treatment. However, psychotropic drugs are expensive and not all of us have 3rd party methods of payment.

Psychotropic drugs are also temporary and known to have side effects that are often worse than the initial condition. The good news is that there are many healthier alternatives which tend to work very well. They are not always a “quick fix”, but can be a more permanent and certainly healthier alternative, leaving you in control!

There are some practical measures you can take to help yourself and help maintain sustainable building blocks for normal brain maintenance. Treatment can be as simple as taking complex sugars, such as, taking 1 tsp. of molasses or raw honey, in the morning and at night, or more often if you desire more sugar. Even if you’re currently taking medication you can take complex sugars without worry of adverse reactions because complex sugars are part of our brain chemistry. Often, it is this lack of sugar that alters the brains chemistry, which ultimately leads to neurologic symptoms.

Traditionally, herbs, such as, Nerve Root and Blessed Thistle have been used for mental health and brain maintenance. A simple decoction can be made by, steeping 1 tsp. Blessed Thistle herb and 2 c.boiling water, let it reduce to by about 1c., and refrigerate. Take 1 tsp., 2 times a day to increase the ability to focus and increase brain activity.

At Herbal Solutions we also have herbal formulas to assist with a short term solution such as: Herbal Uplift, which can generate a brighter outlook and more positive state of being; Herbal Support for Anxiousness, which helps to take the edge off; and Brain Tonic, which can help with mental fatigue and concentration.

There are also alternative methods for treatment of moderate depression such as: Black Walnut; foods high in Choline, such as, liver and eggs; and essential fatty acids, such as fish oils. Furthermore, for optimum brain function, a more long term relief can be achieved through regular professional manipulation; i.e., Osteopathy, Naprapathy, Chiropathy and Rolfing.

As always it is best to consult with a professional when beginning a treatment regimen in order to find what works best for each individual. Nevertheless, staying informed of alternatives is one of the steps to maintaining and regaining control of your health!

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