The GMO Controversy: What Does It Mean for You?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s more and more talk and controversy about genetically modified (GMO)foods and health risks. Issues such as quality and nutritive value, labeling, environmental and human health impact are being debated almost daily in the media. It’s difficult to determine who is right, who is wrong, what facts or position to trust. Perhaps each side is wrong; perhaps each side makes valid points. For the average person, these food controversies are just another distraction. Most of us will tend to wait for conclusive proof, one way or the other, before changing our buying or eating habits. For some of us, even with conclusive proof we will continue doing the same things. Unfortunately, it normally takes 40 – 50 years for social issues and products – even if blatantly bad for us – to be validated by science and public perception. How many decades did it take before cigarette companies placed the warning that nicotine is addictive on their packages? Where big business – meaning finance – is involved, the road to rectification is a long and winding one.

In the meantime, I’m sure you’ve also noticed that more and more of us are complaining about nausea, tenacious mucus, strange headaches, body aches and fever-like symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms come on shortly after we’ve eaten something, even favorite foods. Any one of these symptoms can be physiologically related to something attacking the immune system or causing its dysfunction. At Herbal Solutions, we have crafted a new herbal formula that can be taken to alleviate the negative symptoms associated with consuming modern day foods. For over a year, we have seen dramatic improvements in the health of hundreds of/many people who have taken Herbal Support for GMO Exposure. Additionally, as the herbs in the formula correct and restore the digestive and immune system, you will find yourself more sensitive to foods that can cause you harm – allowing you to remove them more readily from your diet.

I recommend – if you have the mind and stomach to do so – several good sources of information following the controversy surrounding genetically engineered foods, our food supply, its sustainability and impact on our health:
Institute for responsible technology
Organic and nongmo report
Food and Water Watch

And for an easy-to-digest infographic, check out Genetically Modified Organisms Uncovered by Sambazon

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