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Can’t Loose the Extra Weight? Here’s Why.

Few things are as complex as trying to lose weight. There is no clear cut route that will cause everyone to lose weight, however, overtime hundreds of humans have learned what works and what doesn’t. We find that many ancient cultures and Indigenous people do not struggle with weight issues like we do here in the West. The solution to weight-loss in these cultures usually lies with eliminating meat and soda, or fasting; but they all recognize that processed foods will do very little to promote weight-loss.

Often what we see is people losing weight on a number of fad diets, only to gain it all back, as soon as they’ve finished dieting. Many times what may be overlooked is that the adrenal and the thyroid gland must work properly in order for one to lose weight, as they are the primary methods of carrying fatty acids into the cells to be burned. In order to maintain control within normal weight boundaries, it is essential that these glands be working properly, too often they are overworked, becoming fatigued. Each gland needs essential minerals to work efficiently, for instance, the thyroid primarily needs arsenic and iodine and the adrenal gland needs magnesium, amongst other minerals. Many times people may be low thyroid; however, clinically they may show a normal thyroid. What is important to remember is that in medicine as with many therapies, one size does not fit all when it comes to treatment, or a diagnostic test. By using applied kinesiology, we are able to bear witness to a potentially low thyroid by examining the tongue. If the tongue has scalloped edges, where it lays against the teeth, this can be an indication of a problem with the thyroid.  Also if there is cracking at the back of the heels, a low thyroid could be the culprit.

Naturopathy and weight loss involve more than the standard “eat less, exercise more” approach. A wide application for weight-loss techniques have comprised the best methods that we have been able to research with one of them being the 3 kingdoms diet. We must first understand that the human body is composed of 3 main mechanisms:

1. Animal; primarily muscular, fleshy issues in the body

2. Mineral/Salts; bones, hair, teeth, heart tissue

3. Plant; tendons and ligaments (connective unit)

When we limit our intake of animal products and abstain from soda and other processed foods; increase our fruits and vegetables and increase mineral intakes, we may then see a real change in the ability to lose weight and keep it off.

Sometimes we may see an individual who has been dieting and exercising, but not able to lose weight. Often times this can be attributed to hidden hunger. Hidden hunger is not like hunger from lack of food, it is a chronic lack of minerals that often has no visible warning signs, so many who suffer from it may not even be aware of it. Those suffering from p.i.c.a. may fall into this category. Micro nutrients are just as essential to our diets as protein, it is very important that we don’t ignore our bodies need for minerals, when comes to sustaining a healthy life or when trying to lose weight, because if our mineral intakes are low, the body will crave more food, trying to get more minerals.

Here at Herbal Solutions, we have many products to address the bodies needs during any weight-loss attempt: Colloidal Minerals, which can be added to juices; fully mineralized salts (containing 84 minerals), to replace traditional table salt; Cellulite Reduction Formula, which reduces waste buildup in tissues; Appetite Suppressant, which satiates the hunger mechanism by causing the stomach to feel full; and Nutrients for the Endocrine System, which provides glandular support.

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