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Dark Clouds Looming- Dealing with Depression

Today, people find themselves under higher levels of pressure due to various emotional and mental stresses. These stresses can cause symptoms of neurologic dysfunction, such as: depression; anxiety; sleeplessness; and lack of focus. These symptoms are all related to a brain chemical imbalance, and more often prescribing psychotropic drugs is the first choice of treatment. However, psychotropic drugs are expensive and not all of us have 3rd party methods of payment. Continue Reading
Seasonal Adjustments - Herbal Solutions

Seasonal Adjustments

As we continue our course through spring, we should be mindful of the ongoing necessity to assist our bodies through change. As the seasons change, so does nature and our bodies. We should pay attention to how changes impart upon the body physiologically. In particular our glands, namely the Thyroid, need extra support to create a smooth transition into different climates and environments. Continue Reading
The Worrisome Trio - Herbal Solutions

The Worrisome Trio

We’ve seen it published a lot lately; diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol, all on the rise. And for the most part, these increases seem to be affecting certain parts of the population. As a result of this increase, we can also see an increase in the numbers of statin drugs being prescribed. This class of drugs is prescribed in the hopes of lowering cholesterol levels, lowering high blood pressure and to increase insulin production. Continue Reading