DOWNLOAD PAMPHLET: Natural Reality of Allergies

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The natural reality of allergies is that your body has a natural barrier system against entry by foreign agents. These agents can be pollen, dust, food, and chemicals in the air. All of these agents are made of protein. Nature provides a multi-layered defence system against invasion by these foreign agents.



AKA: Why mucous is good for us, A digital pamphlet on the benefits of mucous to keeping the body healthy





Spring Cleaning with Herbal Solutions

It’s such a beautiful time of year. The grass is growing, the birds are singing. The temperatures are rising, the days are longer. Spring is one of the temperate seasons of the year, the transition from winter to summer, a time of re-growth, rebirth, renewal...and cleansing! Spring is a time of new ideas and a time of change. Spring is the most rejuvenating and life-giving season of the year! ...