Healthy Glands = Joie de Vivre

Autumn is here and the third cycle of the earth’s seasons is underway!  During this season the vital life forces begin to recede and our physical bodies are challenged to prepare for winter.  Our hormonal glands are primarily responsible for our ability to adapt to and enjoy all of life.  The pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands, […]

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We all get headaches right? I get headaches, sometimes pretty frequently. Usually it happens when deadlines are coming up, or just when I need my brain on the job. I never knew why I get headaches, in fact I only knew one way of dealing with a headache: painkillers. Usually ibuprofen prescribed by my doctor. […]

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This One’s for the Ladies
This One’s for the Ladies- Herbal Solutions

The reproductive system of a woman consists of ovaries, uterus, and the breast. The best thing you can do to keep the reproductive system healthy is to ensure that the micro organisms and the vaginal floras stay balanced. It is important to keep the bacteria and yeast in ratio to help keep the vaginal environment […]

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Mr. E.D. – Not Quite Ready for Love
Mr. E.D. – Not Quite Ready for Love - Herbal Solutions

We’ve all seen them, the overloads of commercials and ads for male enhancement and erectile dysfunction supplements, many of them even claiming to be “all-natural”. Many times mild erectile dysfunction can be easily resolved when we understand the underlying cause and why it’s happening in the first place.

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Dark Clouds Looming- Dealing with Depression
Dark Clouds Looming- Dealing with Depression - Herbal Solutions

Today, people find themselves under higher levels of pressure due to various emotional and mental stresses. These stresses can cause symptoms of neurologic dysfunction, such as: depression; anxiety; sleeplessness; and lack of focus. These symptoms are all related to a brain chemical imbalance, and more often prescribing psychotropic drugs is the first choice of treatment. […]

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Seasonal Adjustments
Seasonal Adjustments - Herbal Solutions

As we continue our course through spring, we should be mindful of the ongoing necessity to assist our bodies through change. As the seasons change, so does nature and our bodies. We should pay attention to how changes impart upon the body physiologically. In particular our glands, namely the Thyroid, need extra support to create […]

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The Worrisome Trio
The Worrisome Trio - Herbal Solutions

We’ve seen it published a lot lately; diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol, all on the rise. And for the most part, these increases seem to be affecting certain parts of the population. As a result of this increase, we can also see an increase in the numbers of statin drugs being prescribed. This […]

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