Unpacking Detoxing

Unpacking Detoxing We’re constantly bombarded with suggestions and products to detox.  Rarely are we told why or when to do a detoxing cleanse.   Removing substances from the body that are toxic is a practice that is ages old. Different methods of detoxing are salt regimens, herbal applications, medical chelation (which means to cloak), saunas, and […]

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Healthy Glands = Joie de Vivre

Autumn is here and the third cycle of the earth’s seasons is underway!  During this season the vital life forces begin to recede and our physical bodies are challenged to prepare for winter.  Our hormonal glands are primarily responsible for our ability to adapt to and enjoy all of life.  The pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands, […]

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Eczema’s Enigma
Eczema's Enigma - Herbal Solutions

Eczema; if we don’t have it ourselves, we know someone who does. When eczema flair ups happen most of us are at its mercy with itching, scaling and redness. We try steroid creams and various “eczema” medicines; we may change our soap and detergents. Some of us may even try to vary our diets. But […]

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