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When we hear a prognosis that seems unreasonable, or a treatment plan that is frightening, we often seek a second opinion from another practitioner, usually in the same field. We take that idea one step further and then host options online for your access and convenience. We provide a natural and sustainable viewpoint – based on the latest scientific research –  for addressing just about any condition you may find yourself facing.

Whether you seek education, alternative treatments or just a breath of fresh air, A2ndOpinion (our blog) and Herbal Solutions (our store) was designed with you in mind.

This site is more than just a knowledge base or online store.

We’ve been providing natural alternatives to our patients in clinical practice for over 30 years.

Our company was founded and is led by a certified Natural Herbalist and Doctor of Naprapathy.  Our in-house experts are well trained and experienced purveyors of natural remedies, supplements and disciplines. When you make a purchase here, you’re not buying from a shop. We are a brick and mortar clinic and we treat all our customers with the same care and compassion that we provide to our patients.

Our goal is to make sure you are aware of ALL the options at your disposal, not just the medical ones.

When you leave this site you will be more aware and better informed than when you arrived. Whether you buy from us, choose a different practitioner or decide to take the medical route, our purpose is to make sure you receive the best quality of treatment possible.


What is Natural Healthcare?

It’s natural, not alternative.

Natural healthcare is based on the fact that the human body is self-cleansing, self-healing, self-regulating and regenerating. Our clinic practice and training approach health by determining what the body needs (structurally via manipulation, nutritionally, or chemically via herbs), and providing that need so that the body can self-correct and thrive.

Natural healthcare seeks the source of the problem and assists the body to overcome illness and disease with herbs and/or supplements only as long as is needed.   We do not advocate the use of supplements long term nor to treat symptoms. Alternative healthcare addresses symptoms from the same vantage point as conventional healthcare and pharmaceutical treatment.

It’s transformative.

We use the time honored art of alchemy to give you the tools you need to transform your health. We can teach you how to normalize your self and your loved ones,  and to utilize the forces and powerful principles of nature. We use principles that humanity has been a part of throughout its evolution. We strive to teach you how to stay healthy and not dependent on any extraneous substance to maintain your health.

The Healing Power of Herbs

The fact that herbs have been and continue to be used to treat illness is grounded in evolution.  As humanity evolved, elements from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms are incorporated into our physiology – meaning that there are chemical compatibilities between our operating structures and plans.  When applied or ingested, herbs assist the healing process by delivering vital chemicals to physiologically change the condition to one that is more in harmony with normal health.


We’ve done the homework and taken the guesswork out of herbal remedies.

Our customized formulations address over 80 poor health and disease conditions. Herbal Solutions, our company’s brand of naturally formulated and  FDA approved G.R.A.S. plants and herbs, awaken the body’s natural ability to correct poor health conditions

We’re here to help you get well and stay well, naturally. Learn more about Dr. Ridley here, or visit our shop if you know what you’re in the market for. If you’ve been feeling out of it, under the weather, or just want to make sure your internal house in order, click below to book a short phone consultation with Dr. Ridley to discover the root cause of your symptoms and get an affordable custom herbal supplement plan so you can feel better, sooner, naturally.


Let us help you get to the root cause.

Book a Wellness Phone Consultation, talk live with a real doctor and get herbal supplements recommended for your unique makeup.

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