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Dr. Gene Ridley, DN, ND

About Dr. Gene Ridley


Dr. Gene I. Ridley, D.N. is a naprapath, naturopath, herbalist, and natural healthcare physician in practice treating patients in Chicago for 32 years. He is also a practicing diagnostician specializing in kinesiology and has extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology, chemistry and nutrition.  These fields have provided him with keen insight into natural healing principles and applications.  He has developed over 80 proprietary herbal formulas, used in his practice and around the world, to address and correct many diseases, especially chronic conditions.  Dedicated to finding natural, effective, non-invasive methods of correcting and improving health issues, Dr. Ridley has assisted the healing process in several thousand people.


As a natural healthcare practitioner, Dr. Ridley has treated every poor health and disease condition, from acne to asthma, blood disorders to cancer, from infants to the elderly. His practice grew and thrived primarily via word of mouth as patients spread the word of their good results and improved health. Most only required a few visits in order to completely correct and resolve a condition. He has found that over 90% of all conditions are better addressed with a combined treatment of manipulation and herbs, finding that herbs add a high level of efficacy. Even more so, he has found that herbal formulations tend to correct biologic and physiologic dysfunction on their own, except when structural problems exist that require manipulation, also known as “manual surgery.”


In 1994, Dr. Ridley began distributing his herbal formulation, named Herbal Solutions outside of his practice. In the late 1990s, he had a website with an online store created, and has revised, rebuilt and added to the online messaging, information and products continuously, culminating in a2ndopinion.co.

Dr. Ridley has been a featured speaker at the Green Festival, the Health Freedom Expo, the Corey Brooks Community Empowerment radio show and has conducted numerous workshops for Greenheart and community health organizations in Chicago. He was featured in a special documentary broadcast on WBEZ (Chicago NPR) during the series”Chicago Matters: Health”.

Dr. Gene Ridley has always been impressed and influenced by nature and the human body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself. As a child, he was frequently taken into the woods of southern Illinois with his half-Cherokee aunt to pick roots, berries and tree bark that she used to make herbal concoctions as health remedies for the family. He also had repeated dreams about being a doctor, even though he had no plans nor means to accomplish such. As a young adult, he was greatly influenced by the book Back to Eden and had a penchant for seeking and using herbs and natural foods as part of his diet and health regimen.

He has always had a belief in and success with herbs, and has not and does not take pharmaceutical medicines. He turned to natural healthcare after a hip displacement problem caused him a lot of pain and sent him to specialists, in which he underwent nerve conduction studies and an orthopedic surgeon who recommended exploratory surgery. He replied to the surgeon’s suggestion, “I’ll get back to you” and limped along for several months until a colleague told him about a natural health practitioner – a naprapath named Roland J. Sidney. After suffering for more than a year, Gene was pain free within two weeks of treatment by Dr. Sidney. He was so impressed and inspired that he enrolled in the naprapathy college (1979 – 1982) and learned life sciences, manipulative arts, nutrition and herbology. He graduated with the highest clinical award and immediately went into practice for himself in Chicago. He has been in practice continuously in Chicago since 1982, with a short stint in southern California – returning to Chicago in 1991.[trx_br]

Upon his return to practice in Chicago, he and his (now former) wife developed over 80 herbal formulations to address and correct a variety of health conditions. His impetus for creating the customized formulas was that he found that herbs were successful in correcting conditions that were not improving using manipulation and nutrition only. After his divorce, he has continued to develop formulas in accordance with evolving health conditions. As an example, his array of candida/fungal cleansing formulations were developed as he realized extensive health conditions in his patients that stemmed from systemic yeast overgrowth. In 2011, he developed his newest formula, Herbal Support for GMO Exposure to correct the digestive and other problems caused by eating genetically altered foods.